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        • 產品名稱:英國BURKARD帶電腦控制噴霧塔

        • 產品型號:PDE0011
        • 產品廠商:英國BURKARD
        • 產品文檔:
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        英國BURKARD帶電腦控制噴霧塔Computer controlled spraying apparatus 產地:英國 型號:PDE0011

        英國Burkard制造有限公司(Burkard Manufacturing;Co Ltd)成立于1952年, 專門生產制造醫學、環保、農業和實驗科學領域的實驗室和野外科學設備。Burkard所制造的90%多的產品已投入海外市場,有些專門儀器設備已成為更廣范領域的參考標準。

        帶電腦控制噴霧塔Computer controlled spraying apparatus
        產地:英國 型號:PDE0011

        Product Description

        This apparatus was designed to meet the more exacting requirements of the modern toxicology labs, but is equally suitable for most laboratory spray application requirements.

        Sprays may be accurately applied to a wide range of target shapes and sizes as defined by the computer programme selected.

        Tests with aqueous media, sprayed onto 9cm pel:ti dishes, showed good replication of the deposit with over 90% reaching the target.

        The apparatus may be used in a standard fume cupboard or an external exhaust system could be fitted.

        The enclosed liquid reservoir is conveniently placed for easy filling or purging of the system.

        Most standard computers with a serial output can be used to drive the unit through a graphics or  WP  software package.

        A fully adjustable air pressure reducing valve and pressure gauge are fitted as standard.

        For ease of cleaning and to minimise possible contamination or corrosion, essential areas are finished in stainless steel.

        Dimensions WxDxH

        51 x 61 x 40 cm

        Maximum working pressure

        20 psi

        Capacity of resevoir

        20 ml

        Nett weight

        Approx 22 kg

        Additional information