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        • 產品名稱:Fluorescent ‘Cold light’ viewer熒光冷光觀察儀

        • 產品型號:
        • 產品廠商:英國BURKARD
        • 產品文檔:
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        英國BURKARD Fluorescent ‘Cold light’ viewer熒光冷光觀察儀

        英國BURKARD Fluorescent ‘Cold light’ viewer熒光冷光觀察儀

        Product Description

        The instrument is designed to aid close viewing work in medicine, chromatographic plates for analytical chemistry, agricultural research, counting, and teaching, and for all applications where a magnification of up to x10 is required in conjunction with an opal glass light source.

        The viewing area is completely unobstructed and the magnifier may be elevated or positioned anywhere over the viewing surface. Swivel mounting enables the magnifier to be adjusted for focusing. The case is fitted with an elevating foot enabling the user to view with the screen area at a fixed angle of 10° from the horizontal. An angle section prevents items sliding off the viewing area and the horizontal position facilitates viewing and counting of particles in a media.

        The instrument is fused for use on 220-240 volts a.c. 50 Hz supply and is finished in Oyster Green Hammer enamel.

        Additional information

        Viewing Area

        25 x 25 cm

        Light Source

        32 watts (4 x 8 watt tubes)

        Overall Dimensions

        41 x 35 cm

        Maximum height of magnifier from base

        23 cm

        Nett weight

        5.9 kg


        5.9 kg
        Alternative magnifications available