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        • 產品名稱:高流量“噴氣式”孢子和顆粒采樣器

        • 產品型號:MEI0070
        • 產品廠商:英國BURKARD
        • 產品文檔:
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        英國BURKARD高流量“噴氣式”孢子和顆粒采樣器: 該采樣器是一個便攜式、高流量,可大量地、無損害地以每分鐘超過600升的 速度從空氣中收集孢子以及其它空氣傳播顆粒的收集器。該器械可以在5-50μm的范圍內以95%的收集率收集孢子和顆粒物。該收集器完全,可以便攜。它由珀思佩克斯有機玻璃制成,重量輕,操作簡便。通常運行電壓為12V直流電。
        MEI0070 High Throughput 'Jet' Spore & Particle Sampler - 240v


        該采樣器是一個便攜式、高流量,可大量地、無損害地以每分鐘超過600升的 速度從空氣中收集孢子以及其它空氣傳播顆粒的收集器。該器械可以在5-50μm的范圍內以95%的收集率收集孢子和顆粒物。該收集器完全,可以便攜。它由珀思佩克斯有機玻璃制成,重量輕,操作簡便。通常運行電壓為12V直流電。
        采集器尺寸:高44.5 cm (17? inches);長41.3 cm (16? inches);寬26.7 cm (10.5 inches)
        沉降室直徑:13 cm (5 inches)
        Chamber & Suction Unit: 25.5 cm (10 inches)
        重量:實重11.25 kg (24.8 lb);包裝后重量20 kg (44 lb)

        操作電壓:12 v d.c. at 4.5/5安

        Product Description

        A portable high throughput trap for quantitative and non-destructive sampling of spores and other airborne particles from an air volume in excess of 850 litres per minute. The instrument is completely portable operating on a voltage of 12 v d.c. Manufactured from clear Perspex material the trap is light in weight and simple to operate.

        The sampling efficiency for Lycopodium and other spores of similar size is of the order of 99%. The sampled air is accelerated in a precision Jet and forced against the orifice of a tapered tube containing still air. This configuration is mounted above a hermetically sealed chamber in which the trapped particles fall under gravity and are evenly distributed on the base. The base of the chamber can hold an appropriate medium or detached leaf pieces of susceptible host plants.

        After incubation, the colonies of the pathogen can be evaluated quantitatively. In this way, the aerial concentration of spores from cereal mildew, leaf rust and net blotch can be estimated, as well as the proportions coming from different varieties, and the frequency of particular races of each pathogen.

        Additional information

        Overall height of the trap

        44.5 cm

        Overall length

        41.3 cm

        Diameter of the Settling Chamber


        Width of the trap

        26.7 cm

        Chamber & Suction Unit

        25.5 cm

        Total weight

        11.25 kg

        Total weight packed

        20 kg

        Operating voltage

        12 v d.c. at 4?/5安培

        Air throughput at Jet

        850 l/min (30 cfm)