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        • 產品名稱:Sporewatch大氣顆粒物采樣器

        • 產品型號:
        • 產品廠商:英國BURKARD
        • 產品文檔:
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        英國Burkard大氣顆粒物采樣器特征: 全電子化操作,16個可選擇的采樣周期,采樣結束后的自動關機功能,高性能,可以調節空氣流速,強健的發動機驅動(無時鐘),優化的低電耗,可鎖定樣品室,完整的設定水平,結構輕便,便攜性好,電源、電池和太陽能供電,靈活的安裝選擇,可選擇三腳架或支架以進行獨立操作或固定安裝的操作,大氣生物學站對濕度和溫度數據進行記錄,可鎖定控制盒,和先前的Hirst孢子捕捉器完全兼容。


        英國Burkard大氣顆粒物采樣器特征: 全電子化操作,16個可選擇的采樣周期,采樣結束后的自動關機功能,高性能,可以調節空氣流速,強健的發動機驅動(無時鐘),優化的低電耗,可鎖定樣品室,完整的設定水平,結構輕便,便攜性好,電源、電池和太陽能供電,靈活的安裝選擇,可選擇三腳架或支架以進行獨立操作或固定安裝的操作,大氣生物學站對濕度和溫度數據進行記錄,可鎖定控制盒,和先前的Hirst孢子捕捉器完全兼容。

        Product Description

        The sampling orifice is situated in the upper-lid casting, allowing the particle matter to be drawn vertically into the orifice depositing the sample onto a moving adhesive strip or glass slide. This design offers an isokinetically stable condition and the trap has an efficiency of approximately 97%. The performance is closely similar to the standard BURKARD Seven Day Volumetric Recording Spore Trap as described by Hirst in 1952 (Ann. Appl. Biol. 39, pp 257-265).

        Interchangeable heads can be supplied for impaction of the sample directly onto glass slides for 24-hour work. Each instrument is supplied complete with an outflow turbine pump for specified voltages 12 v d.c. to 110 v 60 Hz; 220 v 50 Hz. The instrument can be connected to an external vacuum source making it completely safe in hazardous areas.

        Construction and Equipment Details

        Robustly constructed to withstand long-term operation in hospital and industrial environments, the instrument is finished in hammer beige enamel with stainless steel and corrosion resistant fittings. Working units are easily detachable for adjustment on site or in the laboratory.

        Standard Equipment

        The Spore Trap is supplied with one roll of ‘Melinex’/ tape and one roll of double-sided tape, together with the laboratory stand and Perspex cutting block.

        Optional extras

        • 40/20 ‘Gelvatol’ available in ? kg packs
        • Additional drums
        • Alternative lid assembly for 24 hour sampling directly onto glass slide
        • Flowmeter for measuring throughput at the sampling orifice
        • Anodised aluminium carrying case with lid

        Additional information

        Overall height

        37 cm

        Overall radius of feet

        18 cm

        Working area of feet

        36 cm

        Nett weight

        9.1 kg