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        • 產品名稱:VORTIS吸式昆蟲采樣器

        • 產品型號:EA0001
        • 產品廠商:英國BURKARD
        • 產品文檔:
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        英國BURKARD EA0001型VORTIS吸昆蟲采樣器是一個重量輕、便攜式吸昆蟲采樣系統,用于從草中或者碎片中分離昆蟲。它比從前的采樣方法增加了更多的獨特功能。用這個采樣器進行采集,可以立即看到采集的昆蟲。不需網、袋或者篩子。
        英國BURKARD EA0001型VORTIS吸昆蟲采樣器

        英國BURKARD EA0001型VORTIS吸昆蟲采樣器是一個重量輕、便攜式吸昆蟲采樣系統,用于從草中或者碎片中分離昆蟲。它比從前的采樣方法增加了更多的獨特功能。用這個采樣器進行采集,可以立即看到采集的昆蟲。不需網、袋或者篩子??梢匝杆僖谱呋蛘吒鼡Q收集容器,并有多種規格和形狀的收集容器可供選用。收集的昆蟲被**地存放起來,如果需要,還可以將它們放回到棲息地。英國BURKARD EA0001型VORTIS吸昆蟲采樣器輕便、完全可便攜,可以由一人輕松進行操作。在轉移收集物質的時候不會產生損失。
        氣體流量: 10.5 m3/min.
        重    量:7.8 kg (17.2 lb)
        高    度:930 mm (36 inches)
        采集面積:0.2 m2 (2.2 ft2)

        Product Description

        A light-weight portable suction sampling system designed to extract insects from herbage or debris with many distinct advantages over previously accepted methods.

        1. The insects collected are immediately visible.
        2. No nets, bags or filters.
        3. Collecting vessel may be rapidly removed or replaced.
        4. A wide range of sizes and shapes of collecting vessels may be used.
        5. Insects collected are safely deposited and may be returned to their habitat if required.
        6. Light and fully portable system easily operated by one person.
        7. No losses from the catch when transferring collected material.
        8. Ease and speed of collecting previously impossible to achieve.
        9. Collected material does not impede air flow.
        10. Air flow and therefore uniformity of collecting action can be monitored at all times.

        This NEW design makes a radical break with the past in that the insects are deposited directly into a detachable transparent collecting vessel. NO BAGS, NETS OR FILTERS ARE REQUIRED.

        Additional information

        Air throughput

        10.5 m3/min. (370 cfm)

        Weight including engine

        7.8 kg

        Overall height

        930 mm

        Collecting Area

        0.2 m2